African American Studies Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Department Courses (12 units)
5 core courses chosen from:
Introduction to African American Literature
Literatures of the Black World
Introduction to African-American History: Key concepts from 1700-1861
Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Civil Rights Movement
History of the Black World
Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
Introduction to Black Social & Political Life
Introduction to African-American Studies
The Black Diaspora and Transnationality
6 elective courses in the department, including at least 4 at the 300 level
1 senior course chosen from:
Research Seminar
Internship in African-American Studies
Independent Study
Related Courses (5 units) 1,2
At least 3 must be at the 300 level, and the other 2 can be 200- or 300-level courses

Courses must be approved by the department adviser.


See approved related courses (Relevant Courses in Other Departments) below, or consult the director of undergraduate studies for other courses to satisfy this requirement.

Relevant Courses in Other Departments

African Studies

Course Title
AFST 390-0Topics in African Studies (With DUS Approval for Relevance)


Course Title
ANTHRO 255-0Contemporary African Worlds
ANTHRO 320-0Peoples of Africa
ANTHRO 327-0Historical Archaeology (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
ANTHRO 334-0The Anthropology of HIV/AIDS: Ethnographies (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
ANTHRO 340-0Visual Anthropology of Africa
ANTHRO 343-0Anthropology of Race
ANTHRO 365-0Language, Race, & Ethnicity in the U.S.
ANTHRO 373-0Power and Culture in American Cities (With DUS Approval for Relevance)

Art History

Course Title
ART_HIST 220-0Introduction to African Art
ART_HIST 222-0Introduction to Art of the African Diaspora
ART_HIST 384-0African American Art
ART_HIST 385-0Black Visual Culture: Race and Representation
ART_HIST 386-0Art of Africa

Asian American Studies

Course Title
ASIAN_AM 218-0Asian/Black Historical Relations in the U.S.
ASIAN_AM 310-0Contemporary Asian Black Relations

Communication Studies

Course Title
COMM_ST 326-0African American Rhetoric


Course Title
DANCE 160-0Jazz l (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
DANCE 260-0Jazz II (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
DANCE 360-0Jazz III (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
DANCE 365-0American Rhythm Dancing & the African American Performance Aesthetic


Course Title
ECON 323-1
ECON 323-2
Economic History of the United States Before 1865
and Economic History of the United States 1865 to Present (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
ECON 327-0Economic Development in Africa
ECON 354-0Issues in Urban and Regional Economics (With DUS Approval for Relevance)


Course Title
ENGLISH 365-0Studies in Postcolonial Literature
ENGLISH 366-0Studies in African American Literature
ENGLISH 371-0American Novel (With DUS Approval for Relevance)


Course Title
FRENCH 362-0African Literatures and Cultures
FRENCH 364-0Caribbean Literatures and Cultures

General Music

Course Title
GEN_MUS 130-0Non-Major Jazz (With DUS Approval for Relevance)

Gender Studies

Course Title
GNDR_ST 363-0Postcolonial Studies and Gender and Sexuality (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
GNDR_ST 380-0Black Feminist Theory
GNDR_ST 382-0Race, Gender, and Sexuality


Course Title
HISTORY 210-1History of the United States, Precolonial to the Civil War
HISTORY 210-2History of the United States, Reconstruction to the Present
HISTORY 212-1Introduction to African-American History: Key concepts from 1700-1861
HISTORY 212-2Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Civil Rights Movement
HISTORY 255-1Background to African Civilization and Culture: Origins to 17th C.
HISTORY 255-2Background to African Civilization and Culture: 16th-19th C.
HISTORY 255-3Background to African Civilization and Culture: 1875-1994
HISTORY 314-0The Civil War and Reconstruction (With DUS Approval of Syllabus)
HISTORY 320-0The Fourteenth Amendment (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
HISTORY 356-1History of South Africa, Early Times to 1879
HISTORY 356-2History of South Africa, 20th century
HISTORY 357-0East Africa
HISTORY 358-0Topics in West African History
HISTORY 366-0Race and Nation in the Independence Era (With DUS Approval for Relevance)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Course Title
LATIN_AM 391-0Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (With DUS Approval for Relevance)

Latina and Latino Studies

Course Title
LATINO 222-0Latina & Latino Youth in U.S. Cities (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
LATINO 342-0Latina and Latino Social Movements (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
LATINO 392-0Topics in Latina and Latino Social and Political Issues (With DUS Approval for Relevance)

Legal Studies

Course Title
LEGAL_ST 347-0Comparative Race & Ethnicity
LEGAL_ST 348-0Race, Politics, and the Law

Performance Studies

Course Title
PERF_ST 304-0Sonic Practices of the Middle East and North Africa (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
PERF_ST 309-0Black Performance
PERF_ST 310-0Performance of Women of Color (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
PERF_ST 316-0Folklore and Oral Traditions (With DUS Approval for Relevance)

Political Science

Course Title
POLI_SCI 326-0Race and Public Policy
POLI_SCI 327-0African American Politics
POLI_SCI 358-SAContemporary South Africa: A Political Economy/Policy Perspective (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
POLI_SCI 359-0Politics of Africa

Religious Studies

Course Title
RELIGION 264-0American Religious History from 1865 to the Great Depression (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
RELIGION 360-0African American Religions


Course Title
SOCIOL 201-0Social Inequality: Race, Class, and Power
SOCIOL 207-0Cities in Society (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 208-0Race and Society
SOCIOL 218-0Education and Inequality: Focus on Chicago
SOCIOL 301-0The City: Urbanization and Urbanism (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 304-0Politics of Racial Knowledge
SOCIOL 308-0Crime, Politics, and Society (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 323-0American Subcultures and Ethnic Groups (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 325-0Global & Local Inequalities (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 334-0Social Protest and Social Change Around the World (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 345-0Class and Culture (With DUS Approval for Relevance)
SOCIOL 348-0Race, Politics, and the Law


Course Title
THEATRE 345-0African American Theatre

Honors in African American Studies

Majors with strong academic records and an interest in pursuing honors must notify the director of undergraduate studies during fall of senior year. To qualify for honors, a student must complete a substantial senior-year research project. With the director, the student selects a thesis adviser, who need not be a member of the department. Completion of the thesis ordinarily requires at least two quarters of research and writing. During one or both of those quarters students may register for AF_AM_ST 399-0 Independent Study with the thesis adviser. This course counts as either 1 of the 6 required “elective courses” in the major or as the senior-course requirement.

Students whose theses and grades meet department criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information contact the director of undergraduate studies and see Honors in the Major.