Materials Science Second Major for ISP Students

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

The Integrated Science Program is a highly selective BA program within Weinberg College. Students majoring in ISP who wish to complete a second major in materials science must take:

Course Title
MAT_SCI 201-0Introduction to Materials
or MAT_SCI 301-0 Materials Science Principles
MAT_SCI 315-0Phase Equilibria & Diffusion of Materials
MAT_SCI 316-1Microstructural Dynamics
MAT_SCI 316-2Microstructural Dynamics
2 300-level MAT SCI electives 1

MAT_SCI 395-0 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering may count only with permission of the director of undergraduate studies.

Honors in Materials Science

Seniors who have done outstanding work in the classroom and research laboratory may be eligible for graduation with honors in materials science. To be considered, a student must meet minimum GPA requirements, complete 2 units of research (see table), and complete a written research report.

Course Title
2 units of research selected from:
CHEM 398-0Undergraduate Seminar
CHEM 399-0Independent Study
MAT_SCI 396-1Senior Project in Materials Science and Engineering
MAT_SCI 396-2Senior Project in Materials Science and Engineering
MAT_SCI 394-0Honors Project in Materials Science
MAT_SCI 399-0Projects
PHYSICS 398-0Independent Thesis Research
PHYSICS 399-0Independent Study

These 2 units are neither required for nor counted toward the major. Students who intend to submit a senior research report should send an e-mail including the name of the research adviser to the director of undergraduate studies by fall of senior year.

Students whose theses and grades meet program criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information consult the program director and see Honors in the Major.