LLM for International Students


Director, International Programs: Adi Altshuler
Assistant Director of International & Area Studies:  Nell Novara
Program Office:  312-503-0795; international.programs@law.northwestern.edu 

Program Overview

The general LLM program offers outstanding graduates of foreign law schools an opportunity to expand their knowledge of American law and legal processes, continue their studies in international law, and engage in comparative legal research.  The required coursework focuses on the fundamental research, analysis, and drafting skills expected of U.S. trained lawyers, and introduces students to the history and principal characteristics of the American public and private law systems.  With the exception of the compulsory courses, LLM students are completely integrated with American JD students.

Bar Eligibility

Only some states permit foreign lawyers to take the bar examination, and each state has its own requirements as to prior legal education, coursework in a U.S. LLM program, and other matters. As such, the LLM and LLM IHR programs do not guarantee students that they will qualify to take the bar examination or practice law in the United States.  Eligibility, however, has been extended in the past in DC, New York, and California, dependent on meeting some specific criteria.  Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements.

Program of Study

Beyond the required courses, LLM students are free to design their own program of study from the Law School's many upper-level courses and seminars, including commercial and corporate, international, constitutional, and human rights law.

Degree Requirements

Course Title
Required Courses (2 courses / 4 credits)
LAWSTUDY 910Common Law Reasoning
LAWSTUDY 801American Jurisprudence
or LAWSTUDY 922 American Legal Studies:Con Law
or LAWSTUDY 923 American Legal Studies:Civil Procedure
Elective Courses (16 credits)
Students may choose any law course for which they meet the pre-req 1,2,3
Minimum Credits Required: 20

 LLM Students are not eligible for Practicum courses.


 LLM Students are not eligible for Clinic without the LLM Program Director's approval.


 Students (with well-defined topics) may request permission from the program director to pursue an individual research project for credit.

LLM Courses

The following courses are open only to International LLM students, excluding students in the Executive LLM programs.  Students in the general LLM program also choose electives from most of the courses found in the JD program.  Please note while every effort is made to ensure these lists are accurate, change is inevitable and courses may show alternate program restrictions at the time of scheduling.  Not all courses are offered each year. 

Course Title
BUSCOM 631MBusiness and Entrepreneurship Law for LLMs
BUSCOM 660LCommercial Law: Secured Transactions (LLM)
BUSCOM 701CContracts (LLM)
LAWSTUDY 716Advanced Legal Writing (LLM)
LAWSTUDY 801American Jurisprudence
LAWSTUDY 910Common Law Reasoning
LAWSTUDY 912Human Rights Advocacy: Legal Analysis and Writing
LAWSTUDY 922American Legal Studies:Con Law
LAWSTUDY 923American Legal Studies:Civil Procedure
LAWSTUDY 990Graduate Research
LITARB 605IIntroduction to Trial Advocacy (International Track)