Journalism Degree

Bachelor of Science in Journalism Degree (45 units)

All Medill students pursue a major in journalism.

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Arts and Sciences Requirements (17 units) 

Distribution Requirements (12 units)

  • 2 units in the social and behavioral sciences
  • 2 units in historical studies
  • 1 unit in philosophy or religious studies
  • 2 units in literature or fine arts
  • 1 unit in economics or business understanding
  • 4 units in natural sciences, computer science, or formal studies; at least 1 must be in formal studies

Weinberg College Elective Concentration (5 units)

  • 5 courses in any one Weinberg College department
    • 1 unit may be at the 100 level
    • 2 units must be at the 300 level
    • Only 1 unit of field study or independent study credit may count toward the concentration
    • AP credits do not count toward the concentration
  • A minor, a second major, or an adjunct major in Weinberg College may count toward the Weinberg College elective concentration.

Non-Medill Elective Requirement (10-14 units)

  • 10 to 14 non-Medill credits to explore or extend interests 
  • At least 3 must be in Weinberg College

Foreign Language Requirement

  • 3 units in foreign language, demonstrated proficiency as defined by Weinberg College, or articulated credit from an AP/IB exam in a foreign language

Diverse Cultures and Social Inequalities Requirement (2 units)

  • 2 courses from a Medill-approved list

Major Requirements (14-18 units)

Course Title
Core Courses (8 units)
JOUR 201-1Fundamentals of Reporting & Writing News
JOUR 201-2Fundamentals of Video Journalism
JOUR 202-0Journalism Values, Practice & Trends
JOUR 301-0Journalism in Practice
or JOUR 301-1 Journalism in Practice
JOUR 370-0Media Law & Ethics (required before Journalism Residency)
A history, representation, or business understanding course
Two 300-level Advanced Journalism in Practice courses
Journalism Residency or Professional Experience (4 units) 1
JOUR 347-0
JOUR 348-0
Journalism Residency
and Journalism Residency
or JOUR 345-SA
Journalism Residency: Argentina
and Journalism Residency: Argentina
or JOUR 355-SA
Journalism Residency: Qatar
and Journalism Residency: Qatar
or JOUR 365-SA
Journalism Residency: South Africa
and Journalism Residency: South Africa
Electives (2–6 units)
Students must take at least two journalism electives.

Students may complete this requirement with a preapproved noncredit professional experience.  Requirements for the professional experience/internship option include 4 courses, 3 of which must be 300-level journalism courses.