Jazz Studies Major

Bachelor of Music degrees in jazz require a minimum of 48 units, and include core music requirements (10 units), major requirements (29.5 units), and distribution and elective requirements (8.5 units).

Music Core Requirements (10 units)

Course Title
MUSIC 111-1
MUSIC 111-2
MUSIC 111-3
Music Theory I
and Music Theory II
and Music Theory III
MUSIC 211-1
MUSIC 211-2
MUSIC 211-3
Music Theory IV
and Music Theory V
and Music Theory VI
MUSIC 126-1
MUSIC 126-2
MUSIC 126-3
Aural Skills I
and Aural Skills II
and Aural Skills III
MUSIC 226-1
MUSIC 226-2
MUSIC 226-3
Aural Skills IV
and Aural Skills V
and Aural Skills VI
MUSIC 214-0
MUSIC 215-0
MUSIC 216-0
The Classical Canon
and Performers and Performance
and Music in the Present
CONDUCT 326-0Basic Conducting

Jazz Major Requirements (29.5 units)

Course Title
JAZZ_ST 162-0Applied Jazz for Music Majors (3 quarters)
JAZZ_ST 262-0Applied Jazz for Music Majors (3 quarters)
JAZZ_ST 362-0Applied Jazz for Music Majors (6 quarters)
JAZZ_ST 210-1
JAZZ_ST 210-2
Jazz History I
and Jazz History II
JAZZ_ST 236-1
JAZZ_ST 236-2
JAZZ_ST 236-3
Jazz Improvisation I
and Jazz Improvisation II
and Jazz Improvisation III
JAZZ_ST 336-1
JAZZ_ST 336-2
JAZZ_ST 336-3
Jazz Improvisation IV
and Jazz Improvisation V
and Jazz Improvisation VI
JAZZ_ST 330-1
JAZZ_ST 330-2
Jazz Composition and Arranging I
and Jazz Composition and Arranging II
JAZZ_ST 337-0Business of Jazz
JAZZ_ST 361-1
JAZZ_ST 361-2
Jazz Keyboard I
and Jazz Keyboard II
JAZZ_ST 377-0Jazz Orchestra for Music Majors (12 quarters)
JAZZ_ST 391-0Small Ensemble (6 quarters)
JAZZ_ST 380-0Senior Recital (0 units)

 Distribution and Elective Requirements (8.5 units) 

Course Title
Area I Natural Sciences or Area II Formal Studies or Music Technology (1 unit)
Area III Social/Behavioral Sciences (1 unit)
Area IV Historical Studies (1 unit)
Area V Ethics and Values (1 unit)
Area VI Literature/Fine Arts (1 unit)
English Composition course (1 unit)
Electives (2.5 units, music or non-music)
Business/Finance Overlay course (double counts with JAZZ_ST 337-0)