Linguistics Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Department Courses (12 units)
Introductory courses (2 units)
Any two 200-level courses in Linguistics
Methods courses (3 units)
1 course from each of the following categories:
Statistical 1
Introduction to Statistics and Data Science
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Computer Programming
Fundamentals of Computer Programming
Language and the Brain
Experimental Sociolinguistics
Experimental Approaches to Word Form Processing
Experimental Syntax
Experimental Pragmatics
Advanced courses (7 units)
7 additional courses beyond the 200 level 2

PSYCH 201 may substitute for either STAT 202-0 or STAT 210-0 with DUS approval


Only 1 of the 7 may be LING 398-0 Undergraduate Seminar in Linguistics or LING 399-0 Independent Study.

Adjunct major in MMSS

Linguistics majors pursuing an adjunct major in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS) may double-count the following MMSS courses towards linguistics major requirements (for triple major limitations see MMSS Adjunct Major):

Honors in Linguistics

In the spring or summer before senior year, eligible students majoring in linguistics are invited to participate in the honors program, under the supervision of a faculty advisor.  Criteria for participation in the honors program include completion of prerequisite and core coursework and sufficiently high grades in the major and overall. Students then undertake the research and writing of a thesis in conjunction with 2 additional linguistics courses beyond those required for the major. These courses may be selected from LING 398-0 Undergraduate Seminar in LinguisticsLING 399-0 Independent Study, and 400-level courses.

Students participating in the honors program must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Linguistics to approve their work plan no later than the first week of Fall Quarter in their senior year. The honors thesis must be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Linguistics no later than April 30 of the student's senior year. 

Students whose theses and grades meet program criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information see the director of undergraduate studies and the catalog entry for Honors in the Major.