Music Theory Major

Bachelor of Music degrees in music theory require a minimum of 48 units, and include core music requirements (18 units), major requirements (15-17 units), and distribution and elective requirements (13-15 units).

Music Core Requirements (18 units)

Course Title
MUSIC 111-1
MUSIC 111-2
MUSIC 111-3
Music Theory I
and Music Theory II
and Music Theory III
MUSIC 211-1
MUSIC 211-2
MUSIC 211-3
Music Theory IV
and Music Theory V
and Music Theory VI
MUSIC 126-1
MUSIC 126-2
MUSIC 126-3
Aural Skills I
and Aural Skills II
and Aural Skills III
MUSIC 226-1
MUSIC 226-2
MUSIC 226-3
Aural Skills IV
and Aural Skills V
and Aural Skills VI
MUSIC 127-1
MUSIC 127-2
MUSIC 127-3
Keyboard Skills 1
and Keyboard Skills 2
and Keyboard Skills 3 (or higher course number based on placement)
MUSIC 214-0
MUSIC 215-0
MUSIC 216-0
The Classical Canon
and Performers and Performance
and Music in the Present
CONDUCT 326-0Basic Conducting
One MUSICOL elective
One 20th/21st century Music Studies elective
Three quarters applied lessons (3 units)
Three quarters ensemble (1.5 units)

Music Theory Major Requirements (15-17 units)

Course Title
Six elective courses in MUS_THRY (6 units)
Two elective courses in MUSICOL (2 units)
One elective course in MUS_TECH (1 unit)
Cognate areas (3 units)
Applied lessons/performance experience (3 units)
Senior project (optional): MUS_THRY 399-0 Independent Study (1 unit) and MUS_THRY 385-0 Senior Project (1 unit)

Distribution and Elective Requirements (13-15 units)

Course Title
Area I Natural Sciences or Area II Formal Studies or Music Technology (1 unit)
Area III Social/Behavioral Sciences (1 unit)
Area IV Historical Studies (1 unit)
Area V Ethics and Values (1 unit)
Area VI Literature/Fine Arts (1 unit)
English Composition course (1 unit)
Electives (7 units if completing Senior Project or 9 units; music or non-music courses)
Business/Finance Overlay course (may double count with any other requirement)