Linguistics Minor

The minor in linguistics broadens the academic back­ground of students majoring in related fields such as cognitive science, communication sciences and disorders, psychology, philosophy, foreign languages, mathematics, and computer science by offering training in the theory and methods of linguistic analysis.

Course Title
Minor Requirements (6 units)
Introductory courses (2 units)
Any two 200-level courses in Linguistics
Methods course (1 unit). Any one of the following:
Language and the Brain
Experimental Sociolinguistics
Experimental Approaches to Word Form Processing
Experimental Syntax
Experimental Pragmatics
Advanced courses (3 units)
3 additional linguistics courses beyond the 200 level 1

Only 1 of the 3 may be LING 398-0 Undergraduate Seminar in Linguistics or LING 399-0 Independent Study Independent Study.