Dual Graduate & Undergraduate Degrees

Accelerated Master’s Programs

Accelerated master’s programs enable exceptional, advanced undergraduates to apply for admission early and meet requirements for the master’s degree in an expedited manner. The programs are highly demanding intellectually, require early commitment to a discipline, and necessitate careful planning. 

The Graduate School offers combined degree programs in various disciplines. Interested students should consult The Graduate School's website for more information, including application and degree requirements. 

The Graduate School catalog has additional information on the following combined degrees:

  • Accelerated Public Health Program (Bachelor's/MPH)
  • Biomedical Engineering BS/MS
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering BS/MS
  • Chemistry BA/MS
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering BS/MS
  • Comparative Literary Studies BA/MA
  • Computer Engineering BS/MS
  • Computer Science Bachelor's/MS
  • Economics BA/MA
  • Electrical Engineering BS/MS
  • Engineering Design Innovation BS/MS
  • Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics BS/MS
  • French BA/MA
  • Linguistics BA/MA
  • Materials Science and Engineering BS/MS
  • Mechanical Engineering BS/MS
  • Plant Biology and Conservation Bachelor's/MS
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics BS/MS

The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law offers a coordinated bachelor’s degree/master of science in law degree program for Weinberg College and McCormick School students in STEM fields. More information is available from the MSL program.

Students in Medill who exhibit exceptional ability in undergraduate work may apply to that school’s graduate division for early admission to the graduate journalism program. This program allows students to qualify for BSJ and MSJ degrees in 12 to 15 quarters of full-time study. More information is available from the Medill Office of Graduate Admissions.