Music Theatre Certificate

The Certificate in Music Theatre provides the oppor­tunity for School of Communication students majoring in theatre, dance, or performance studies and Bienen School of Music students majoring in voice to create a second area of specialization that is important to their development as musical theatre artists. For voice majors the program provides training in acting and other theatre courses. Theatre, dance, and performance studies majors have weekly voice classes and exposure to other music offerings. Students must remain in the theatre, dance, performance studies, or voice major to remain in the Music Theatre Certificate Program; students who leave an eligible major for a noneligible one will be required to leave the program.

The prescribed sequence of courses is open only to students accepted into the program through audition. The auditions are held annually in the fall quarter. Only first- and second-year students enrolled as theatre, dance, or performance studies majors in the School of Communication or as voice majors in the Bienen School of Music are eligible to audition for the Music Theatre Certificate Program; other students will not be admitted. Auditionees are required to perform a vocal selection and a monologue and to participate in a dance audition.

Program Requirements for Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies Majors (9 units)

All courses for SoC majors, minors, fields of concentration and distribution requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher and may not be taken P/N.

Program Requirements for Voice Majors (9 units)

  • Music Theatre History (1 unit)

    Course Title
    THEATRE 253-0Music Theatre History
  • Dance (1 unit)

    Course Title
    DANCE 130-1
    DANCE 130-2
    DANCE 130-3
    Music Theatre Ballet
    and Music Theatre Dance I
    and Music Theatre Dance II
  • Design, Dance or Acting Elective (1 unit)