Business Institutions Minor

The minor in business institutions requires the successful completion with a grade of C– or above of 11 courses:

  • 4 prerequisite courses in mathematics, statistics, and economics
  • 4 business tools courses
  • 1 writing and speaking course
  • 2 social sciences and humanities electives

Before declaring the minor students must complete the 4 prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or higher, or have equivalent AP course credit posted to their academic record.

See more details about the minor. Interested students should consult a program adviser or visit the program office for additional information.

Requirements for the minor in Business Institutions

Course Title
Prerequisites (4 units)
ECON 201-0Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 202-0Introduction to Microeconomics
STAT 210-0Introduction to Probability and Statistics (or equivalent) 1
MATH 218-1Single-Variable Calculus with Precalculus
or MATH 220-1 Single-Variable Differential Calculus
Minor Requirements (7 units) 2
4 business tools courses: 3
Marketing Management
Leadership in Organizations
Corporate Finance (or equivalent) 4
1 writing and speaking in business course: 5
Writing and Speaking in Business
2 social sciences and humanities electives that have business institutions and practices as a central focus of inquiry, chosen from the list below. See the program website for newly approved courses and other updates.

Equivalents include BMD_ENG 220-0 Introduction to Biomedical Statistics, CHEM_ENG 312-0 Probability and Statistics for Chemical Engineering, IEMS 201-0 Introduction to Statistics, MATH 385-0 Probability and Statistics for MMSS, PSYCH 201-0 Statistical Methods in Psychology, POLI_SCI 312-0 Statistical Research Methods, SESP 210-0 Introduction to Statistics and Research Methodology, and STAT 202-0 Introduction to Statistics and Data Science.


None of the 7 courses may be double-counted toward any major, minor, or certificate except as a related course for a major or a home-school distribution requirement.


With advance approval of the program director a total of only one non-Northwestern course, course credit from study abroad, or a course offered by Northwestern's School of Professional Studies (SPS) may count as a business tools course for the minor. Special accommodations may be made for transfer students.


Equivalents include ECON 360-1 Foundations of Corporate Finance Theory and KELLG_FE 310-0 Principles of Finance.


Students completing majors in English, History, or Philosophy, may petition the program director to waive this requirement. However, these students are strongly encouraged to consider taking ENGLISH 282-0 Writing and Speaking in Business because it covers communications skills related to the business environment that may not be covered in writing-intensive courses in other disciplines.

Approved Social Science & Humanities courses for the minor

Course Title
ANTHRO 240-0Anthropology of Money
BUS_INST 321-0Business and Economic Institutions in Historical Perspective
BUS_INST 331-0Real Estate Finance & Investment
CHINESE 212-0Chinese in Business Practice 1
CHINESE 312-1Chinese in Business Practice 2
CHINESE 312-2Multinational Corporations in China
COMM_ST 274-0Power in Entertainment
ENGLISH 387-0Studies in Literature and Commerce
FRENCH 309-0French For Professions
GERMAN 209-0German in the Business World
GERMAN 309-1Advanced Business German: the German Economy
GERMAN 309-2Advanced Business German: Marketing and Management
HISTORY 325-0History of American Technology
ITALIAN 206-0Business Italian
LEGAL_ST 206-0Law and Society
LEGAL_ST 315-0Corporation in US Law and Culture
PHIL 270-0Climate Change and Sustainability: Economic and Ethical Dimensions
PHIL 364-0Business and Professional Ethics
POLI_SCI 341-0International Political Economy
POLI_SCI 348-0Globalization
POLI_SCI 374-0Politics of Capitalism
PSYCH 387-0Consumer Psychology and Marketing Research
RTVF 310-0Television History
RTVF 314-0History of the Recording Industry
SOCIOL 206-0Law and Society
SOCIOL 215-0Economy and Society
SOCIOL 288-0Institutions and Society
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of Organizations
SOCIOL 316-0Economic Sociology
SOCIOL 324-0Global Capitalism
SOCIOL 330-0Law, Markets, and Globalization
SOCIOL 331-0Markets, Hierarchies & Democracies
SOCIOL 335-0Sociology of Rational Decision Making
SOC_POL 312-0Social Policymaking and Implementation
SOC_POL 331-0Economics of Inequality and Discrimination
SPANISH 206-0Spanish for Professions: Business
STAT 301-1Data Science 1 with R
STAT 301-2Data Science 2 with R
STAT 301-3Data Science 3 with R
Some variable-topic classes offered under ENGLISH, HISTORY, or HUM may also be applied; visit website or see adviser for details.
One credit only may be from BUS_INST 394-LK, or internship-related credit, or ENTREP 3XX credit, or IMC 300-0.
Excluding ECON 201-0 and ECON 202-0, economics courses may be applied to the Social Science & Humanities Electives by students who are NOT doing the major or the minor in economics. 1

Students earning a minor in economics may use ECON 300-level courses towards their Social Science & Humanities Elective requirement. Students earning a major in economics may not use any economics courses to fulfill their Social Science & Humanities Elective requirement.