Mechanical Engineering Degree

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

 Requirements (48 units)

Core Courses (27 units)1

Course Title
4 mathematics courses
4 units of basic science: 2
General Physics
and General Physics
and General Physics Laboratory
and General Physics Laboratory
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry Laboratory 1
Accelerated General Chemistry 1
and Accelerated General Chemistry Laboratory 1
Advanced General Inorganic Chemistry
and Advanced General Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
4 engineering analysis and computer proficiency courses
3 design and communications courses
7 social sciences/humanities courses
5 unrestricted electives

 Major Program (21 units)

Course Title
13 required courses
Mechanics of Materials I
Mathematical Foundations of Comp Science 5
Organic Chemistry I
Introduction to Materials
Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics - I 4
Scientific and Embedded Programming in Python
Electronics Design 3
Intro to Mechanical Design and Manufactrng
Fluid Mechanics I
Machine Dynamics
Theory of Machines: Design of Elements
Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Manufacturing Processes
Heat Transfer
Intro to Dynamic Systems
2 capstone courses
Engineering Design I
and Engineering Design II (taken sequentially and counting toward the final 12 units taken before graduation)
6 courses to satisfy a concentration area listed below 6
Mechanical Engineering Breadth
Aerospace Engineering
Energy and Sustainability
Engineering Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Fluids, Energy, and Thermal Systems
Micro-Nano Engineering

See Core Courses Requirements for details. 


PHYSICS 125-2 General Physics for ISP or PHYSICS 140-3 Fundamentals of Physics may be substituted for PHYSICS 135-2 General PhysicsPHYSICS 125-3 General Physics for ISP or PHYSICS 140-3 Fundamentals of Physics may be substituted for PHYSICS 135-3 General Physics. Associated labs are PHYSICS 126-2 Physics for ISP Laboratory or PHYSICS 136-2 General Physics Laboratory and PHYSICS 126-3 Physics for ISP Laboratory or PHYSICS 136-3 General Physics Laboratory.


Students planning to take advanced ELEC_ENG courses may petition to substitute ELEC_ENG 221-0 Fundamentals of Circuits.


May not be taken with CHEM 342-1 Thermodynamics or CHEM_ENG 211-0 Thermodynamics .


Or take 1 300-level or above mathematics or basic science course.


Courses and other concentration requirements are specified on the Mechanical Engineering department website. Students should declare their concentration by the end of their 2nd year.