Specialized Studies

SPS Certificate website: https://sps.northwestern.edu/post-baccalaureate/pregraduate-study/

Pregraduate Specialized Studies

Create a custom course of study to prepare for graduate school, professional school and PhD programs. Students develop a specialized academic plan of four to eight courses that capitalizes on their backgrounds and perfectly suits their academic goals, guided by the admissions requirements of their graduate programs of interest. Courses within this specialized studies program can be grouped within a single subject or built across subject areas for interdisciplinary study. Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their academic transcript, show recent academic success and secure current letters of recommendation from NU faculty. This certificate is a credential that will enable students to stand out in their application for advanced study.

Specialized Studies for Career Advancement

Career changers and professionals seeking to advance within their organization can create a customized program of study to meet their goals. Students in this program collaborate with an adviser to develop a specialized academic plan of four to eight courses that capitalizes on their background and that suits their professional and personal objectives. For example, a student might build a plan comprised of business courses from different subjects (such as accounting, finance, and marketing), or of a grouping of courses across disciplines (such as information systems and communication studies).

Certificate Offered

Pregraduate Specialized Studies Courses

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