Financial Aid

The University provides financial aid on the basis of need as determined by the financial circumstances of the family. Federal loans or private scholarships are provided according to their own criteria and sometimes regardless of financial need. Financial aid consists of scholarships, part-time employment, and loan funding. These funds come from state, federal, institutional, and private sources. Students must apply for financial aid each year and might qualify for a combination of funds. Aid awards will be relatively consistent assuming the family financial circumstances are also relatively consistent. 

Financial aid is available for a maximum of four years of full-time enrollment or its equivalent. Students admitted to a five-year dual degree program are eligible for a maximum of five years of full-time enrollment or its equivalent. The five-year dual degree programs approved for aid include liberal arts and music, communication and engineering, communication and music, education and music, engineering and music, or journalism and music.  Students must be enrolled in the dual degree program by the end of their sophomore year. A student who later decides to pursue only one degree reverts to a maximum eligibility of four years. Students pursuing other dual degree opportunities that are not approved for aid would be eligible only for federal and state funding after four years of enrollment.

Regardless of whether a student receives financial aid in a given quarter or year, all enrollment counts toward the maximum time frame. Those needing aid beyond their maximum time frame must submit a request to the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid. Those requests must be submitted at the time that the additional quarter is needed.

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