Film and Media Studies Minor

The Film and Media Studies Program brings together faculty and students from across the University who are interested in thinking about film and media within a broad intellectual framework. Students in this interdisciplinary program acquire critical tools for analyzing traditional and new media, as well as knowledge of some crucial historical and interpretive problems raised by the study of media within the context of the humanities and social sciences. Students who minor in film and media studies are encouraged to participate in the rich and varied media offerings of the University, including film series and individual film screenings, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and presentations by invited speakers. Students must formally apply to minor in film and media studies in the School of Communication’s Department of Radio/Television/Film.

The minor is open to all Northwestern undergraduates except Radio/Television/Film majors.

Minor Requirements (6 units)

All courses for SoC majors, minors, fields of concentration and distribution requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher and may not be taken P/N.

 A maximum of the equivalent of 2 non-Northwestern academic units can count towards an SoC minor.

  • RTVF 220-0 Analyzing Media Texts
  • 5 additional units of credit with a primary emphasis on film and/or media studies, chosen from the following and including at least 3 at the 300 level.
Course Title
RTVF 298-0Studies in Media Topics
RTVF 310-0Television History
RTVF 312-1History of Film I
RTVF 312-2History of Film II
RTVF 313-1Doc Film History & Criticism
RTVF 313-2Documentary Film & Video
RTVF 314-0History of the Recording Industry
RTVF 315-0Audio Drama
RTVF 316-0Media and Cultural Theory
RTVF 321-0Radio/Tv/Film Authorship
RTVF 322-0Radio/Television/Film Genre
RTVF 325-0Film, Media & Gender
RTVF 326-0Film & TV Criticism
RTVF 330-0Culture Industries
RTVF 341-0Technological Innovations
RTVF 345-0History of Hollywood Cinema
RTVF 351-0National Cinema
RTVF 353-0Film, Media, and Globalization
RTVF 398-0Symposium: Issues in RTVF
COMM_ST 270-0Media Effects
COMM_ST 274-0Power in Entertainment
COMM_ST 275-0Persuasive Images: Rhetoric of Popular Culture
ASIAN_LC 224-0Introduction to Japanese Film, Media, and Visual Culture
CLASSICS 245-0Classics and the Cinema
COMP_LIT 305-0Studies in Film, Media, and Visual Culture
ENGLISH 214-0Introduction to Film and Its Literatures
ENGLISH 386-0Studies in Literature and Film
FRENCH 375-0French Film
GERMAN 228-0German Film
ITALIAN 251-0Introduction to Italian Cinema
ITALIAN 351-0Italian Film and Transnational Cinema
RELIGION 371-0Religion and Film
SLAVIC 267-0Czech Culture: Film, Visual Arts & Music
SLAVIC 367-1Russian Film
SLAVIC 367-2Russian Film

The following are topics courses and may only count with advisor approval when the primary emphasis of the course is film or media studies.

Course Title
ART_HIST 390-0Undergraduate Seminar
COMP_LIT 383-0Special Topics in Theory: Critical Theory
FRENCH 390-0Topics in Literature and Culture
SPANISH 397-0Topics in Latin American, Latina and Latino, and Iberian Literatures and Cultures

Other courses also may be counted toward the minor with the approval of a film and media studies advisor.