French Minor

The goal of the minor in French is to give students a solid grounding and good fluency in the French language and to provide a basic familiarity with important aspects of French culture and society, enabling them to pursue their interests in French and in countries where French is used.

The minor is designed for students who have a strong interest in French but cannot fulfill the requirements of the French major.

Course Title
FRENCH 201-0Culture and Society (or equivalent proficiency)
Minor Requirements (8 units)
At least 2 courses in language, including:
FRENCH 202-0Writing Workshop: Cultural Encounters in Contemporary France
1 advanced language course chosen from:
French Phonetics
Advanced Language in Context: Society and Popular Culture
Advanced Writing: Finding Your Voice in French
Advanced Conversation: Debating Contemporary France
French For Professions
Theory and Practice of Translation
Foreign Language Teaching: Theory and Practice
At least 3 courses in literature and culture, including:
Reading Literatures in French
Reading Cultures in French
Introducing the Novel
Introducing Theatre
Introducing Poetry
1 course selected from 310-367 or 380-390.
1 additional course in literature and culture selected from 310 through 390, or 1 of the language courses 309 or 391 that is not being applied toward the advanced-language course requirement
2 elective courses in language or literature and culture at the 200 or 300 level
  • No more than 1 300-level French department course offered in English may be counted toward the minor. Courses in English at the 200 level may not count toward the minor.
  • At least 2 courses must be completed at Northwestern.

Exceptions and Waivers

  • Minors who begin French studies in FRENCH 111-1 Elementary FrenchFRENCH 115-1 Intensive Elementary French, or ­FRENCH 121-1 Intermediate French may count FRENCH 201-0 Culture and Society as 1 of the 2 elective courses in language or literature and culture in French.
  • Minors with an AP score of 5 or with departmental advanced placement, depending upon results of the French Language Placement Test, may either waive FRENCH 202-0 Writing Workshop: Cultural Encounters in Contemporary France or waive 1 elective course at the 200-level. In this case total course requirements for the minor will be 7 courses.