Gender and Sexuality Studies Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Program Courses (11 units)
2 Core Courses:
Sexual Subjects: Introduction to Sexuality Studies
Traditions in Feminist Thought
2 Theory Courses:
Queer Theory
Feminist Theory
Black Feminist Theory
2 Research Courses:
Research Seminar in Gender & Sexuality Studies
Research Seminar in Gender & Sexuality Studies
Research Seminar in Gender & Sexuality Studies
Senior Capstone Seminar
Senior Research Seminar
5 Additional Courses, including:
At least 3 at the 300 level
At least 1 with a historical focus 1
At least 1 with a transnational focus 2
Related Courses (4 units)
At least 2 at the 300 level
Gender & Sexuality Studies courses (including co- or cross-listed) may be counted. Other courses that focus on gender and/or sexuality but are not co- or cross-listed may be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Historical focus courses may include (but are not limited to): GNDR_ST 233-0 Gender, Politics, and Philosophy, GNDR_ST 321-0 Gender, Sexuality, and History, GNDR_ST 324-0 US Gay and Lesbian History.


Transnational courses may include (but are not limited to): GNDR_ST 341-0 Transnational Perspectives on Gender and SexualityGNDR_ST 353-0 Gender and CitizenshipGNDR_ST 363-0 Postcolonial Studies and Gender and Sexuality.

Honors in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Majors with strong academic records and an interest in pursuing honors should contact the honors coordinator (typically the Director of Undergraduate Studies) in their junior year and identify a faculty member who will serve as thesis adviser. Students whose theses and grades meet program criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information, consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies and see Honors in the Major.