Asian Languages and Cultures Major

The Asian Languages and Cultures major is designed for students who wish to combine proficiency in an Asian language or languages (Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean) with rigorous training in the study of an Asian culture or cultures (China, Japan, Korean, South Asia, or Comparative).  In addition to developing the four core linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), students will acquire the cultural literacy necessary for effective communication and sophisticated understanding of at least one cultural sphere or region of Asia.  The humanities component of the major is designed to introduce students to advanced methods of critical reading, viewing, interpretation, and academic writing through training in literary studies, film and media studies, gender studies, and cultural studies, among other approaches.  While most Asian Languages and Cultures majors focus on one Asian language and area of focus, the major is also designed to accommodate students who wish to work comparatively within or between regions.  For example, students may combine the study of Korean and Japanese language and culture or explore colonial and post-colonial experiences in East and South Asia.  Students interested in pursuing a comparative focus will work closely with the director of undergraduate studies to develop a coherent course of study.

Students may apply for (but are not guaranteed) language credit towards the major for courses taken while studying abroad (placement testing upon return is required).  Pending departmental review of relevant course materials and the approval of the director of undergraduate studies, up to 2 humanities courses taken while studying abroad may also be counted toward the major.  For more information about the review process, please contact the director of undergraduate studies.

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Major Requirements (15 units)
For students focusing on a single language/area, a first year language course or equivalent proficiency is required. For students working comparatively, there are no prerequisites.
Required Language Courses (6 units):
3 courses in Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese or Korean at the second-year level
3 courses in the same language at the third-year level OR 3 courses in an additional Asian language at the first-year level or higher
Humanities Courses (9 units): 200- and 300-level ASIAN_LC courses
6 ASIAN_LC courses selected in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies to represent an area of focus (China, Japan, Korea, South Asia or comparative), of which:
At least 3 must be at the 300-level
At most 2 may be relevant courses from outside the department selected from the list of pre-approved courses or in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies
2 ASIAN_LC courses from outside the area of focus, selected in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies
1 Senior Seminar (ASIAN_LC 397-0)

Honors in Asian Languages and Cultures

Majors with a strong academic record (a GPA of 3.5 both in the major and overall) and interest in writing an honors thesis are encouraged to contact the director of undergraduate studies in the spring of their junior year. Students who are approved to write an honors thesis must take two quarters of ASIAN_LC 399-0 Independent Study in addition to the 15 courses required for the major.  For more information, please contact the director of undergraduate studies, review the department's website, and see Honors in the Major