Brady Scholars Program

As sophomores, Brady Scholars enroll each quarter in a seminar investigating what a good human life is, what a good person is, and what a good society is and asking how we can make our cities, nation, and world better places. Each group of Brady Scholars selects one local community challenge for further study.

In junior year, Brady Scholars participate in a study abroad program and, in addition to their regular coursework, learn how the foreign country addresses the challenge selected by their group.

Moral philosophy, global citizenship, and community engagement are integrated for Brady Program seniors when their 16-student class works collectively to provide concrete solutions to a social challenge in Evanston, drawing on their three years of rigorous research and academic study of the challenge. Seniors receive 1 unit of academic credit for the pair of courses: PHIL 373-1, and PHIL 373-2.


Specific topics in the sophomore-year seminars PHIL 273-1, PHIL 273-2, PHIL 273-3 will vary as different professors participate. The senior year community engagement sequence PHIL 373-1, PHIL 373-2 will relate to the community challenge.