Dual Bachelor's Degrees

Qualified students may earn bachelor’s degrees from two different undergraduate schools at Northwestern. Five years of full-time study are usually required.

For information on applying to the combined programs, see Application to Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Cross-school collaborations provide opportunities for undergraduate students to complete coursework in two Northwestern schools concurrently and to receive bachelor’s degrees from both schools. Students may choose from the following dual bachelor’s degree programs:

Typically, five years of faculty-approved full-time study are required to complete any of these programs and meet the Undergraduate Registration Requirement.

Students in dual degree programs involving two schools must earn at least 42 credits in 11 quarters at Northwestern to fulfill the URR.

Students apply to the BA/BS program in liberal arts and engineering after matriculating. For information on applying to the other programs, see the section titled Application to Dual Bachelor's Degree Programs in Admissions. Students receiving financial aid should also note the restrictions under Financial Aid.