Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program

Students accepted into the competitive Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program participate in an innovative exploration of the humanities via two intensive courses in fall of the first year. Designed especially for program participants, the Humanities in the World lecture course (HUM 210-0 or HUM 211-0) and the small coordinated First-Year Seminar (HUM 101-6) are team-taught by award-winning professors drawn from different departments. Through these linked courses, students take up a broad humanistic theme that traverses the boundaries of academic disciplines—as well as those of geography, culture, and historical periods—and integrate a variety of intellectual methods to refine their critical reading and writing skills; confront the works of great authors and artists; attend special performances and field trips; and examine how artists, thinkers, and ordinary citizens alike have contributed to the central role played by the humanities in our world. For more information see ­kaplan-humanities-scholars-program.