Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor

All students in the program are expected to have an effective reading knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, or another language spoken in the region. Students who would like more information about the minor should contact the program director.

Course Title
Minor Requirements (8 units)
4 core courses, normally chosen from the following lists, although substitutions may be approved by the program director. At most 1 core course may come from each of the 5 areas.
4 additional courses on Latin America and the Caribbean
Courses must be chosen from the list on the program website or approved by the program director. Many departments and programs, especially anthropology, history, Latina and Latino studies, political science, and Spanish and Portuguese, regularly offer courses that can count toward this requirement.
1 course focusing on Latina/os in the United States is strongly recommended for students who do not take a LATINO core course.
  • At most 2 LATINO courses may be counted toward the minor.
  • At least 5 courses for the minor must not be double-counted toward a major.

Core Course Areas


Course Title
When relevant to Latin America, the Caribbean, and/or US Latina/os:
ANTHRO 390-0Topics In Anthropology
ANTHRO 490-0Topics in Anthropology


Course Title
HISTORY 260-1History of Latin America in the Colonial Period 1492-1821
HISTORY 260-2History of Latin America in the Modern Period, 1789-present
HISTORY 366-0Race and Nation in the Independence Era
HISTORY 367-0History of Modern Brazil
HISTORY 368-1Revolution in 20th Century Latin America: Mexico and its Revolutions
HISTORY 368-2Revolution in 20th Century Latin America: Marxist Revolutions
HISTORY 369-0Development and Inequality in Modern Latin America

HISTORY 300-0 New Lectures in History may also count toward this requirement when topic is relevant to Latin America or the Caribbean.

Latina and Latino Studies

Course Title
LATINO 201-0Introduction to Latina and Latino Studies
LATINO 203-0Introduction to Latina & Latino Cultural Studies
LATINO 218-0Latina & Latino History
LATINO 222-0Latina & Latino Youth in U.S. Cities
LATINO 277-0Introduction to Latina and Latino Literature
LATINO 342-0Latina and Latino Social Movements
LATINO 391-0Topics in Latina and Latino History
LATINO 392-0Topics in Latina and Latino Social and Political Issues
LATINO 393-0Topics in Latina and Latino Text and Representation

Political Science

Course Title
POLI_SCI 353-0Politics of Latin America

Spanish and Portuguese

Course Title
PORT 396-0Topics in Lusophone Cultures 2
SPANISH 231-0The "New" Latin American Narrative (Taught in English)
SPANISH 232-0Discovering Jewish Latin America
SPANISH 260-0Literature in Latin America before 1888
SPANISH 261-0Literature in Latin America since 1888
SPANISH 340-0Colonial Latin American Literature
SPANISH 341-0Latin American Modernismo
SPANISH 342-0Race and Representation in Latin America
SPANISH 343-0Latin American Avant-Gardes
SPANISH 344-0Borges
SPANISH 345-0Reading the 'Boom'
SPANISH 346-0Testimonial Narrative in Latin America
SPANISH 347-0Literature and Revolution in Latin America
SPANISH 348-0Readings in Latin American Short Fiction
SPANISH 350-0Visual Culture in Latina/o America and Spain
SPANISH 361-0Latin America: Studies in Culture and Society
SPANISH 380-0Topics in Film: The Silver Screen in Latin America and/or Spain
SPANISH 395-0Topics in Latin American, Latina and Latino, and/or Iberian Cultures 2
SPANISH 397-0Topics in Latin American, Latina and Latino, and Iberian Literatures and Cultures 2

When relevant to Latin America, the Caribbean, and/or US Latina/os.