African Studies Minor

The minor in African studies approaches the study of African societies, cultures, histories, and arts across disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and professions. Students earning a bachelor’s degree in Weinberg College or another Northwestern school may complete the minor. In addition, under­graduates in all disciplines are welcome to participate formally or informally in the program’s activities, which advance the training of Africa specialists at Northwestern and promote awareness of Africa in a wider context.

Minor Requirements (6 units)

Course Title
At least 2 courses must be from the following sequence:
Background to African Civilization and Culture: Origins to 17th C.
Background to African Civilization and Culture: 16th-19th C.
Background to African Civilization and Culture: 1875-1994
1 course must be:
Contemporary African Worlds
3 elective courses:
At least half of the work in a course taken through another department must have African studies content. Selections must be approved by the program.
  • Students must have at least an overall B average in the 6 courses.
  • Only 1 course for the minor may be double-counted towards a major.
  • Students must declare the minor at least two terms before they intend to graduate. They are encouraged to meet regularly with program staff and the director of undergraduate studies to monitor their progress.

Approved electives are listed on the program website each quarter.