Dance Minor

The dance minor offered by the Department of Theatre introduces the many areas of study within the dance world as well as the many opportunities to contribute to the field. Technique study in the program focuses primarily on contemporary modern dance and Jump Rhythm Technique supported by study in ballet, tap, and other movement classes.

All students are eligible for this minor, as space allows.

Admission to the minor is by application. Applications are available in winter quarter so that students may begin the minor in spring quarter. Students must demonstrate academic progress beyond technique study within the first full year of enrollment in the minor.

Minor Requirements (6.68 units)

All courses for SoC majors, minors, fields of concentration and distribution requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher and may not be taken P/N.

A maximum of the equivalent of 2 non-Northwestern academic units can count towards an SoC minor.

Core courses (4 Units):

Course Title
DANCE 101-1
DANCE 101-2
DANCE 101-3
Introduction to the Dance Experience
and Introduction to the Dance Experience
and Introduction to the Dance Experience
DANCE 225-0Dance Composition

Technique Courses (1.68 Units)

  • 1 yearlong sequence (3 .34-unit classes taken in consecutive quarters in a single year) in Modern Dance chosen from the following (classes need not all be in the same level):
    Course Title
    DANCE 150-0Modern l
    DANCE 250-0Modern II
    DANCE 350-0Modern III
  • 2 classes (.68 units) in DANCE 140-0 Cultural Forms; 1 class (.34 units) can be substituted by tap or jazz Jump Rhythm Technique, chosen from:
    Course Title
    DANCE 161-0Jump Rhythm Technique 1
    or DANCE 261-0 Jump Rhythm Technique II
    or DANCE 181-0 Jump Rhythm Tap 1
    or DANCE 281-0 Jump Rhythm Tap II

Dance Elective Course (1 Unit)

1 elective reflecting the student’s special interests (a dance technique sequence may not be used to satisfy this requirement).

Dance Elective List

Course Title
DANCE 201-0Cultural Studies of Dance
DANCE 202-0Anatomy
DANCE 215-0Dance History
DANCE 235-0Choreography for Musical Theatre
DANCE 315-0Dance Criticism
DANCE 325-0Advanced Choreographic Study
DANCE 326-0Advanced Improvisation
DANCE 335-0Special Topics in Dance Research
DANCE 345-0Studies in Collaboration
DANCE 355-0Dance in Education
DANCE 356-0Expressive Arts Therapy
DANCE 365-0American Rhythm Dancing & the African American Performance Aesthetic
DANCE 399-0Independent Study
DANCE 465-0Studies in Dance

Production Course (0 Units)

1 registration in THEATRE 121-0 Production Laboratory (0 units) for students not majoring in theatre or performance studies.