Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Course Title
Minor Requirements (7 units)
2 Core Courses:
Sexual Subjects: Introduction to Sexuality Studies
Traditions in Feminist Thought
5 Additional Courses:
At least 2 at the 300 level.
At least 1 must represent a humanities-based approach to gender and sexuality studies. 1
At least 1 must represent a social science–based approach to gender and sexuality studies. 2
All courses must be from gender and sexuality studies (including co- or cross-listed courses).

Humanities-based courses may include (but are not limited to): GNDR_ST 231-0 Gender, Sexuality, and Representation, GNDR_ST 233-0 Gender, Politics, and Philosophy, GNDR_ST 321-0 Gender, Sexuality, and History, GNDR_ST 324-0 US Gay and Lesbian History, GNDR_ST 361-0 Gender, Sexuality, and Literature.


Social Science-based courses may include (but are not limited to): GNDR_ST 232-0 Sexuality & Society, GNDR_ST 331-0 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, GNDR_ST 351-0 Gender, Sexuality, and Public Policy, GNDR_ST 353-0 Gender and Citizenship.