Cognitive Science Minor

The minor in cognitive science broadens the academic background of students majoring in related fields, providing them with the methods and foundations for understanding cognitive issues in an interdisciplinary framework.  

Course Title
Minor Requirements (8 units)
2 required introductory courses:
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Evaluating Evidence
1 methodology course chosen from:
Introduction to Computer Programming
Fundamentals of Computer Programming
Statistical Methods in Psychology
Introduction to Statistics and Data Science
3 Theme courses, each selected from a different one of the five themes listed below
Theme: Brains & Bodies
Language and the Brain
Sound Patterns in Human Language
Intro to Music Cognition
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Introduction to Neuroscience
Theme: Learning over Lifetimes
Learning, Representation & Reasoning
Cognitive Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Theme: Models & Machines
Introduction to Cognitive Modeling
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Formal Analysis of Words & Sentences
Introduction to Computational Linguistics
Minds and Machines
Philosophy of Mind
Theme: Reasoning & Rhetoric
Theory of Knowledge
Political Psychology
Psychology of Thinking
Decision Making
Theme: Collective Cognition
Psychological Anthropology
Presenting Ideas & Data
Culture and Cognition
Redesigning Everyday Organizations
Learning and Thinking in Organizations
Cultural Psychology
2 Elective courses 1

Elective courses can be chosen from the Theme lists above or from the Elective Courses list shown under the Cognitive Science major.