International Studies Adjunct Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

The major in International Studies is a gateway to the study of global affairs in Weinberg College. Its mission is to encourage and support student education and scholarship in international affairs and it is open to all Weinberg students and to students from across the university. In addition to the curriculum set out below, International Studies offers weekly seminars, research support, career counseling, public events, and more.

Adjunct Major Requirements (10 units)

  • 4 courses (except where noted) in a thematic concentration. More information about the concentrations and lists of eligible courses may be found each quarter at the program office and on the International Studies website.
    • Global Humanities
    • Political Economy
    • Borders, Boundaries, and Crossings
    • Global Law and Society
    • The U.S. and the World
    • World Language and Experience - requires six units of training in a language beyond coursework satisfying the International Studies foreign language study requirement, plus study abroad or comparable foreign experience.
    • Students who wish to propose a thematic program of study that does not fit into one of the themes listed above may petition to create a self-designed thematic cluster.
  • 1 unit minimum of integrating project seminar or thesis seminar
    • Most international studies majors in their junior or senior year take INTL_ST 395-0 Integrating Project Seminar. The seminar provides a format to complete a research project that integrates a variety of disciplines to address an issue in international culture, society, economics, or politics.
    • Instead of an integrating seminar, students admitted to the international studies honors program participate in the 2-quarter thesis seminar (INTL_ST 398-1 & INTL_ST 398-2) and write an integrated honors thesis.
  • Foreign language study requirement. Students must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at a level equivalent to two full years of instruction at Northwestern. Students must also take at least three foreign-language courses at Northwestern even if they have documented proficiency in one language through testing. These three units of credit may be at any language-learning level and may count towards the Weinberg College language proficiency requirement. They are not subject to double-counting restrictions with other majors or minors.
  • All adjunct majors require completion of a stand-alone major as well. At most 2 of the 10 required units may be double-counted toward both the international studies adjunct major and another major.

Honors in International Studies

Majors with strong academic records and an interest in pursuing honors should apply in spring quarter of junior year. Students accepted into the honors program enroll in a 2-quarter seminar (INTL_ST 398-1, INTL_ST 398-2) in fall and winter of senior year, during which they plan, research, and write their theses. The two seminar enrollments take the place of the integrating project seminar required of other international studies majors.

Students whose theses and grades meet program criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information contact the International Studies Program, and see Honors in the Major.