Northwestern University Transcripts

Students who have satisfied all financial obligations to the University may request an official transcript of their academic record from the Office of the Registrar in person, by fax, or through CAESAR. Northwestern provides transcripts either on paper or in the form of a certified PDF that may be distributed securely. A fee is charged for all official transcripts (see Fees under Tuition and Fees). Current students may print unofficial copies for their personal use from CAESAR.

Except for internal educational uses or as otherwise required by law, Northwestern issues official transcripts only upon written authorization of the student concerned. Requests for transcripts initiated by persons or agencies other than the student or appropriate educational agencies will not be filled until written authorization has been secured from the student. When these requests can be anticipated, students can avoid delay by providing such authorization in advance. Because of the confidential nature of a student’s record, telephone or email requests for transcripts will not be accepted.

Former students may order an official transcript by following the instructions at The site provides full information on the University’s policies and procedures governing academic records.

Transcripts from Other Institutions

Northwestern neither releases nor certifies copies of transcripts or other academic documents received from other schools or institutions. This includes test score reports and transcripts submitted to Northwestern for admission or evaluation of transfer or study abroad credits. Students who study abroad and subsequently need a transcript of their coursework must request it from the institutions they attended or through their study abroad programs.