Preclinical Psychology, Certificate


All of the following courses are required:

Course Title
PSYCH 110-CNIntroduction to Psychology
PSYCH 201-CNStatistical Methods in Psychology
PSYCH 205-CNResearch Methods in Psychology
PSYCH 215-CNPsychology of Personality
PSYCH 228-CNCognitive Psychology
PSYCH 244-CNDevelopmental Psychology 1
PSYCH 303-CNPsychopathology
PSYCH 306-CNIntroduction to Clinical Psychology
PSYCH 369-CNPsychological Tests & Measures 2

was PSYCH 218-CN


was PSYCH 375-CN

In addition to the program requirements, students have the option to take any of the courses offered at SPS to fulfill prerequisites. Elective courses are NOT eligible for financial aid, based upon federal financial aid requirements.