Prephysician Assistant, Certificate


Course Title
Required Courses
BIOL_SCI 201-CNMolecular Biology
BIOL_SCI 202-CNCell Biology
BIOL_SCI 203-CNGenetics and Evolution
BIOL_SCI 217-CNPhysiology
BIOL_SCI 232-CNMolecular and Cellular Processes Laboratory
BIOL_SCI 233-CNGenetics and Molecular Processes Laboratory
BIOL_SCI 234-CNInvestigative Laboratory
BIOL_SCI 308-CNBiochemistry
BIOL_SCI 313-DLHuman Anatomy
BIOL_SCI 317-CNRegional Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL_SCI 328-CNMicrobiology
CHEM 110-CNQuantitative Problem Solving in Chemistry
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry 1 Lab
General Chemistry 2
and General Chemistry Lab 2
CHEM 215-1Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 235-1Organic Chemistry Lab I
STAT 202-0Introduction to Statistics and Data Science
CLASSICS 110-CNScientific Vocabulary through Classical Roots
Required Elective Course
Required Elective Course Options
Students are required to take one elective to customize their program to physician assistant graduate program requirements. Choose from one of the following elective options:
BIOL_SCI 316-CNHuman Structure and Function
BIOL_SCI 318-DLAdvanced Human Physiology
PRO_HLTH 390 Careers in Professional Health
PSYCH 110-CNIntroduction to Psychology
Optional Courses
These non-credit seminar courses are optional, but highly recommended, for prephysician assistant students and are offered free of charge to students in the Professional Health Careers program.
PRO_HLTH 396-AProfessional Health Careers Proseminar I
PRO_HLTH 396-BProfessional Health Careers Proseminar II

In addition to the program requirements, prephysician assistant students have the option to take any of the courses offered at SPS as electives. Elective courses are NOT eligible for financial aid, based upon federal financial aid requirements.