Global Health Studies Adjunct Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Adjunct Major Requirements (11 units)
4 core courses:
GBL_HLTH 201-0Introduction to Global Health 1
GBL_HLTH 302-0Global Bioethics
GBL_HLTH 309-0Biomedicine and World History 2
or GBL_HLTH 222-0 The Social Determinants of Health
or GBL_HLTH 325-0 History of Reproductive Health
GBL_HLTH 320-0Qualitative Research Methods in Global Health 3
3 additional GBL_HLTH courses 4
4 elective courses. Courses taken abroad can be counted as electives; students may study abroad more than once and receive up to 2 elective credits per program. Remaining elective credits can be fulfilled by health-related courses from various departments as listed below and on the GHS website.

GBL_HLTH 301-0 (Introduction to International Public Health) from Spring 2022 or earlier may be applied in lieu of GBL_HLTH 201-0.


GBL_HLTH 322-0 (The Social Determinants of Health) from Spring 2022 or earlier may be applied in lieu of GBL_HLTH 222-0, GBL_HLTH 309-0, or GBL_HLTH 325-0.


The methods requirement (GBL_HLTH 320-0) can also be fulfilled by GBL_HLTH 390-0 Special Topics in Global Health when offered as the following topics: Community Based Participatory Research, Quantitative Methods: Turning Numbers into a Story, or (Re)Mixing Qualitative Methods.


GBL_HLTH 399-0 Independent Study and courses taken abroad may not be counted toward this requirement.


  • Students may elect to study abroad as part of their Global Health Studies curriculum. 
  • All adjunct majors require completion of a stand-alone major as well.

Approved elective courses (students may take courses from more than one subject area)


Course Title
ANTHRO 306-0Evolution of Life Histories
ANTHRO 309-0Human Osteology
ANTHRO 312-0Human Population Biology
ANTHRO 314-0Human Growth & Development
ANTHRO 315-0Medical Anthropology
ANTHRO 332-0The Anthropology of Reproduction
ANTHRO 359-0The Human Microbiome and Health
ANTHRO 386-0Methods in Human Biology Research

Biological Sciences

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 327-0Biology of Aging
BIOL_SCI 337-0Biostatistics
BIOL_SCI 341-0Population Genetics
BIOL_SCI 355-0Immunobiology
BIOL_SCI 380-0Biology of Cancer


Course Title
CHEM 316-0Medicinal Chemistry: the Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Action


Course Title
COMM_ST 246-0Intro to Health Communication
COMM_ST 367-0Nonprofit Communication Management


Course Title
ECON 307-0Economics of Medical Care
ECON 359-0Economics of Nonprofit Organizations


Course Title
BMD_ENG 325-0Introduction to Medical Imaging
BMD_ENG 343-0Biomaterials and Medical Devices
or MAT_SCI 370-0 Biomaterials
BMD_ENG 380-0Medical Devices, Disease & Global Health
BMD_ENG 390-1Biomedical Engineering Design
BMD_ENG 390-2Biomedical Engineering Design
BMD_ENG 390-3Biomedical Engineering Design
CHEM_ENG 373-0Biotechnology and Global Health
CIV_ENV 361-2Public & Environmental Health
ENTREP 340-0Innovate for Impact
IEMS 365-0Analytics for Social Good
IEMS 385-0Introduction to Health Systems Management


Course Title
ENGLISH 381-0Literature & Medicine

Field Studies

Course Title
CFS 391-0Field Studies in Social Justice
CFS 392-0Field Studies in Public Health
CFS 397-0Field Studies in Civic Engagement

Gender Studies

Course Title
GNDR_ST 332-0Gender, Sexuality, and Health
GNDR_ST 340-0Gender, Sexuality, and the Law
GNDR_ST 341-0Transnational Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality
GNDR_ST 361-0Gender, Sexuality, and Literature


Course Title
HISTORY 275-1History of Early Modern Science and Medicine
HISTORY 275-2History of Modern Science and Medicine
HISTORY 352-0Global History of Death and Dying

International Studies

Course Title
INTL_ST 393-0Development in the Global Context: Participation, Power, and Social Change


Course Title
PHIL 268-0Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 269-0Bioethics
PHIL 326-0Topics in Philosophy of Medicine

Political Science

Course Title
POLI_SCI 326-0Race and Public Policy
POLI_SCI 352-0Global Development
or SOCIOL 317-0 Global Development
POLI_SCI 377-0Drugs and Politics
POLI_SCI 380-0Refugee Crises and Human Rights
POLI_SCI 384-0International Responses to Mass Atrocities


Course Title
PSYCH 341-0Positive Psychology: The Science of Well-Being
PSYCH 383-0Psychology and Food

Public Health

Course Title
PUB_HLTH 302-0Introduction to Biostatistics
PUB_HLTH 304-0Introduction to Epidemiology
PUB_HLTH 391-0Global Health Care Service Delivery


Course Title
SOC_POL 311-0Social Policy and the United States Health Care System
SOC_POL 333-0Economics of Health, Human Capital, and Happiness


Course Title
SOCIOL 220-0Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society
or HUM 220-0 Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society
SOCIOL 336-0The Climate Crisis, Policies, and Society
or ENVR_POL 336-0 The Climate Crisis, Policies, and Society
SOCIOL 355-0Medical Sociology


Course Title
SPANISH 205-0Spanish for Professions: Health Care


Course Title
STAT 370-0Human Rights Statistics

Additional info

Depending on the topic, other occasional courses may also be used as electives including,  AF_AM_ST 380-0AMER_ST 310-0ANTHRO 390-0, ASIAN_AM 303-0ASIAN_AM 380-0BUS_INST 394-LKCOMM_ST 395-0ENVR_SCI 390-0, GNDR_ST 390-0HISTORY 300-0 HUM 370-5 INTL_ST 390-0, INTL_ST 395-0,  JWSH_ST 390-0LATINO 392-0NEUROSCI 390-0PHIL 361-0  and SOC_POL 351-0.   For more details and an up-to-date listing of courses, consult the Global Health Studies website or email the program.