Philosophy (PHIL)

PHIL 110-CN Introduction to Philosophy (1 Unit)  

Fundamental problems and methods of philosophy.

PHIL 111-CN Introduction to Philosophy (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

PHIL 150-CN Elementary Logic (1 Unit)  

Introduction to the philosophical study of logical entailment and deduction. Systems of classical propositional and predicate logic; and their bearing on philosophical quandaries.

PHIL 240-CN Freedom and Responsibility (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

PHIL 265-CN Political Philosophy (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

PHIL 268-CN Ethics and the Environment (1 Unit)  

Topics include our relationship to the environment, the obligation to future generations, pollution and population control, food and energy production and distribution, species diversity, and the preservation of wilderness.

PHIL 269-DL Bioethics (1 Unit)  

Ethical analysis of a variety of issues such as the human genome project, genetic therapy, cloning and stem cell transplantation, human and animal research, reproductive technologies, and the allocation of resources.

PHIL 326-CN Philosophy of Medicine (1 Unit)  

Exploration of a variety of issues that have risen in medical practice and biological research and development. Introduces students interested in the health professions to ethical problems they are likely to encounter.

PHIL 361-CN Topics in Social and Political Philosophy (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

PHIL 364-DL Business and Professional Ethics (1 Unit)  

Examines a variety of ethical issues relating to contemporary business from a philosophical perspective.

PHIL 390-CN Special Topics (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

PHIL 391-CN Special Topics in Philosophy (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

PHIL 399-CN Independent Study (1 Unit)