Middle East and North African Studies Minor

Minor Requirements (8 units)

  • Each course must be chosen from the approved MENA studies list for the quarter or with the director and must relate to the Middle East or North Africa.
  • At most two courses from study abroad may count towards the MENA studies minor.
  • Foreign language study is not required for the minor, and no more than 2 courses may be Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish language courses.
  • At least 2 courses should be selected in each of the three disciplinary categories: history, social sciences, and humanities.
  • Students who satisfactorily complete two years of language study in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish may complete the minor with only 6 disciplinary courses.
  • Native-speaker proficiency does not count for course credit; native speakers may count 2 non­native MENA language courses among the 8 courses.