Communication Studies Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Major Requirements (13 units)

All courses for SoC majors, minors, fields of concentration and distribution requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher and may not be taken P/N.

SoC Courses (1 unit)

  • 2 0.5-unit seminars:
Course Title
CMN 101-0SoC First Year Seminar: Interdisciplinary Topics in Communication Arts & Sciences
CMN 398-0School of Communication Senior Seminar

Introductory Courses (3 units)

  • Introductory courses to be completed in the first year of studies in the major:
Course Title
COMM_ST 101-1Communication in Context: Introduction
COMM_ST 101-2Communication in Context: Analysis & Research 
COMM_ST 102-0Public Speaking

200-Level Courses (3 units)

  • Any 3 of these 200-level courses, to be completed before the end of the sophomore year because the material covered is prerequisite to more advanced courses:
Course Title
COMM_ST 201-0Research Methods in Comm Studies
COMM_ST 205-0Theories of Persuasion
COMM_ST 215-0Principles of Rhetorical Criticism
COMM_ST 220-0Theories of Argumentation
COMM_ST 225-0Communication and Culture
COMM_ST 227-0Communication & Technology
COMM_ST 241-0Theories of Relational Communication
COMM_ST 246-0Intro to Health Communication
COMM_ST 250-0Team Leadership and Decision Making
COMM_ST 255-0Understanding Media Markets: Users, Makers and Metrics
COMM_ST 261-0Introduction to Strategic Communication
COMM_ST 270-0Media Effects
COMM_ST 274-0Power in Entertainment
COMM_ST 275-0Persuasive Images: Rhetoric of Popular Culture
COMM_ST 295-0Topics in Communication Studies

Advanced Courses (6 units)

  • 6 additional communication studies courses at the 300 level.
  • No more than 1 of the following courses may be included in these 6 courses for the major. (Additional courses can be applied as electives).
Course Title
CMN 340-0School of Communication EPICS Internship Seminar
COMM_ST 389-0Practicum in Communication Research
COMM_ST 397-0Honors Seminar
COMM_ST 398-0Undergraduate Seminar
COMM_ST 399-0Independent Study

Additional Requirements (29 units)

Distribution Requirements (18 units)

18 units of credit outside the department, including 3 units of credit from each of the three School of Communication distribution areas: science, mathematics, and technology; individual and social behavior; and humanities and fine arts.

Electives (11 units)

Electives in communication and other areas to complete a minimum of 42 units of credit.

Concentration Outside the School of Communication

A field of concentration outside the School of Communication (normally one of the disciplines of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences), consisting of at least 6 units of credit; of these 6, at least 3 must be 300- or 400-level courses. A non–School of Communication minor, dual major, or adjunct major satisfies this requirement. Courses taken to satisfy the field of concentration requirement may fulfill distribution or elective course requirements.

Language Requirement

Proficiency in a classical or modern foreign language equivalent to the work covered in a second-year college-level course (proficiency is established in precisely the same manner as in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; see foreign language requirements). Courses taken to satisfy the language requirement may fulfill distribution or elective course requirements.

Honors in Communication Studies Major

The Undergraduate Honors Program in Communication Studies offers an opportunity for highly motivated Communication Studies majors to conduct original scholarly research. Each student works closely with faculty to produce an original research project in an interest area determined by the student. Seniors who successfully complete the program will be eligible to graduate with departmental honors. Also see Honors and Prizes in Graduation Honors.