Advanced Asian Languages Minor

The Advanced Asian Languages Minor (formerly the Asian Languages Minor) is designed for students who wish to gain a high level of proficiency in an Asian language. 

In some cases, language courses taken abroad may be counted towards the minor with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies and pending departmental review. It is essential that students returning from abroad take the language placement exam as soon as possible. For more information about the review process, please contact the director of undergraduate studies. Study abroad credits cannot be counted towards the humanities portion of the minor. 

Course Title
Minor Requirements (7 units)
First and second year language courses in area of focus (or equivalent)
Required Language Courses (5 units)
3 courses in area of focus (Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese or Korean) at the third-year level
2 courses in the same language at the fourth-year level
Required Humanities Courses (2 units)
2 ASIAN_LC courses in area of focus (China, Japan, Korea, South Asia) chosen in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies