Chemistry Second Major for ISP Students

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

The Integrated Science Program is a highly selective BA program in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (see Integrated Science Program). Students majoring in ISP who wish to complete a second major in chemistry must take these courses:

Course Title
Chemistry courses required for the ISP major
Students doing the second major in chemistry may not make substitutions
CHEM 212-1
CHEM 232-1
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 348-0Physical Chemistry for ISP
Additional core courses required for the second major in chemistry:
CHEM 212-2
CHEM 232-2
CHEM 212-3
CHEM 235-3
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
and Organic Chemistry
and Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 220-0Introductory Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 333-0Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 350-1
CHEM 350-2
CHEM 350-3
Advanced Laboratory 1
and Advanced Laboratory 2
and Advanced Laboratory 3
Two courses from a selected concentration area in the Chemistry major 1

See concentration areas and course lists on the Chemistry Major page.