Northwestern’s Center for Leadership offers the Undergraduate Leadership Program (ULP), a certificate program open to all Northwestern undergraduates. The inter-school program helps students understand the nature of leadership and prepares them to become leaders on campus, in the community, and in their professions. ULP participants explore key leadership themes and issues, build and refine a personal leadership model, and develop foundational leadership assets.

Certificate Steps and Requirements

To earn the Undergraduate Leadership Certificate, students are required to complete the following three courses in the following order:

1: Paradigms & Strategies of Leadership (undefined)

The Paradigms & Strategies of Leadership course is offered each Fall and Spring.

2: Leading from Design (undefined)

The Leading from Design course is offered each Fall and Winter.

3: Field Study in Leadership undefined)

The Field Study in Leadership course is offered every quarter. 

As stated above, undefined is a prerequisite for undefined. undefined and undefined are prerequisites for undefined. The classes must be taken in this order, but students are not required to take them in consecutive quarters.