Environmental Engineering Minor

The minor in environmental engineering provides students with a sampling of foundational courses in addition to two electives focusing on environmental chemistry, microbiology, or transport processes.

Course Title
Requirements (8 units)
Core Courses (6 units)
Engineering Possibilities: Decision Science in the Age of Smart Technologies
Biological and Ecological Principles
Earth in the Anthropocene
Environmental Systems and Processes
Sustainable Water Systems
Electives (2 units): choose 2 courses from below
Hydraulics and Hydrology
Environmental Microbiology
Public & Environmental Health
Chemical Processes in Aquatic Systems
Sustainability: The City
Emerging Organic Contaminants
Community-based Design 1
Community-based Design 2
Projects 1
400-level course by permission

Only 1 CIV_ENV 399-0 Projects unit may be counted toward the minor.

Additional Conditions for this minor 

  • No more than 4 minor courses may be used to fulfill requirements in the student's major program.
  • A grade of at least C– is required in each course for the minor.
  • Students should discuss with the minor coordinator how best to satisfy prerequisites for required courses.
  • To declare the Environmental Engineering minor, students should submit the minor declaration form in MAS (McCormick Advising System) by the end of their junior year.