Portuguese Language and Lusophone Cultures Minor

The minor in Portuguese enables students to acquire competence in oral and written Portuguese and to explore the literatures and cultures of Brazil, Lusophone Africa, and/or Portugal.

The minor draws from faculty and courses in departments and programs such as Spanish, History, and African American studies. Students are encouraged to study abroad in the target cultures and may count up to 3 study abroad courses toward the minor.

Students who meet the prerequisite requirements and wish to declare a minor should meet with a department adviser.

Course Title
PORT 115-2Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
or PORT 121-3 Intermediate Portuguese
or placement at the 200 level on the Portuguese Language Placement Exam (www.spanish-portuguese.northwestern.edu/undergraduate/language-placement/portuguese.html)
Minor Requirements (6 units, at least 3 must be at the 300-level)
2 courses:
Reading and Speaking Portuguese
Reading and Writing Portuguese
2 of the following courses, one or both at the 300 level:
Icons, Legends, and Myths in Brazil
Topics in Advanced Portuguese
Contemporary Brazil: Literature and Film
Topics in Lusophone Cultures
2 electives, at least 1 at the 300 level. Choose from:
Additional courses in the Portuguese program (PORT)
Courses in Spanish with a significant Brazilian or Portuguese component, provided that the final paper for the course focuses entirely or primarily on a Brazilian or Portuguese topic
Courses in other departments or programs (e.g., History, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Comparative Literary Studies) with a significant Brazilian, Portuguese, or Lusophone African component.