Italian Literature and Culture Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Major Requirements (13 units)

  • At least 10 courses offered by the Italian department
    • At most 6 courses taught in English
    • At most 3 200-level courses taught in Italian
  • At most 3 courses dealing with Italian culture offered by other departments
    • 1 or more courses on theory and methodology may be counted
    • Subject to approval of director of undergraduate studies
  • At least 8 300-level courses
  • 100-level courses do not count toward the major
  • Students studying abroad may substitute for department courses 4 courses whose content relates in a substantive way to some aspect of Italian culture; 4 additional courses taken abroad dealing with Italian culture may be credited as courses offered by other departments. Returning students must take 2 300-level courses in Italian in senior year.

Honors in Italian

Majors with strong academic records and an interest in pursuing honors should contact the director of undergraduate studies no later than spring quarter of junior year. The honors thesis is produced through 1 or 2 quarters of ITALIAN 399-0 Independent Study; these ITALIAN 399-0 enrollments will count toward the 14 required units for the major. The thesis may build on previous work done in a 300-level course or, with consent of the instructor, in a graduate seminar.

Students whose theses and grades meet department criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information see the department website, consult with the director of undergraduate studies, and see Honors in the Major.


Courses Taught in Italian

Prerequisites for all 300-level courses taught in Italian: 2 200-level courses in Italian or consent of instructor.

Course Title
Elementary Italian
and Elementary Italian
and Elementary Italian
Intermediate Italian
and Intermediate Italian
and Intermediate Italian
ITALIAN 103-1Italian for Musicians
ITALIAN 110-0Italian in the Business World
Intensive Italian
and Intensive Italian
and Intensive Italian
or ITALIAN 134-1
Intensive Italian
and Intensive Italian
and Intensive Italian
ITALIAN 201-0Italian Through Media
ITALIAN 202-0Italian Through Performance
ITALIAN 203-0Creative Writing in Italian
ITALIAN 204-0Introduction to Italian Literature
ITALIAN 205-0Voyage to Italy
ITALIAN 206-0Business Italian
ITALIAN 207-0Conversation in Italian
ITALIAN 304-0Politics and Mass Culture
ITALIAN 306-0Migrations
ITALIAN 310-0Reading Italian Literature (in Italian)
ITALIAN 347-0Italy in Art and Literature
ITALIAN 348-0The Italian Novella
ITALIAN 349-0Topics in Italian Culture and Literature
ITALIAN 399-0Independent Study

Courses with Readings and Discussion in English

No prerequisites in Italian.

Course Title
ITALIAN 230-0Italian Theatre and Performance
ITALIAN 250-0Topics in Italian Culture and Literature
ITALIAN 251-0Introduction to Italian Cinema
ITALIAN 265-0Body and Soul from Rome to the Renaissance
ITALIAN 270-0Michelangelo and the Italian Renaissance
ITALIAN 275-0Dante's Divine Comedy
ITALIAN 277-0Global Neorealism
ITALIAN 350-0Advanced Topics in Italian Culture and Literature
ITALIAN 351-0Italian Film and Transnational Cinema
ITALIAN 360-0From the Avant-Garde to the Post-Modern
ITALIAN 370-0Major Figures in Italian History and Culture
ITALIAN 374-0Love and Sexuality in the Early Modern Period
ITALIAN 377-0Gender and Sexuality in Italian Culture