Transfer Types

Work at Other Institutions

Students who wish to transfer credit for work taken elsewhere during an absence from Northwestern must obtain advance approval of their proposed course of study. Procedures vary depending upon whether the study is part of a study abroad program or simply enrollment at another institution. Students should consult for policies and procedures, including the appropriate petition for credit for non-Northwestern courses. An official signed and sealed transcript documenting that work must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in order for credit to be applied to the student’s record.

Students may not register concurrently at Northwestern and at another institution and receive transfer credit for work taken at the other institution unless permission is granted in advance by the office of the dean of their schools. This applies to traditional and online or blended-format courses.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are defined as students who have completed at least one full academic year at a postsecondary institution prior to entering Northwestern. Once admitted, the Office of the Registrar conducts an evaluation of credit earned at the student's previous institution and makes an initial determination of appropriate Northwestern credit to award. Transfer students are held to a different Undergraduate Registration Requirement than students who enter Northwestern as first-year students; otherwise, all academic policies apply equally.